Made with for a healthy lifestyle

A Little Something About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To serve Oxford and nourish the community through good food, great service, and an offering of products you won't find anywhere else in Oxford. We offer organic lunches, juice bar, natural grocery and personal care items, frozen meals, catering, and phenomenally decorated cakes for every occasion!.

Our Promise to You

We don’t compromise our standards. Our meats are always grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic and hormone free and raised in sustainable, humane ways. We promise to seek out the freshest organic and local ingredients to ensure what hits your mouth not only tastes amazing, but is also nutrient rich. The term “healthy” can be confusing in this world. We make it simple. It’s about eating locally, seasonally, organically, and responsibly, and if it isn’t, I would question what you’re really being sold. We believe finding true health and wellness lies in seeking out nutrition the ways our ancestors did. “Let thy food be thy medicine…” – Hippocrates

What If

Living Foods Oxford offers an organic lunch menu (kids too!), home style casseroles and carryout items, fresh juice bar, and natural and local grocery items. Local Flavor began as a "what if..." in the mind of its owner. What if there was a place in Oxford that you could stop in and eat an organic salad or grass-fed burger for lunch, get a glass of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, pick up your locally produced and natural grocery items for the week, get a delicious casserole from the freezer for dinner, and grab some "crap free" personal items for you ...and your kids... And it was all in the same place! And that "what if" turned into a business plan and an opportunity to make that dream come true.

Why is Quality Food Very Important?

It is good for your heart

Heart disease is a worldwide problem and the leading
cause of death among Americans. The good news is
heart healthy food can help lower your blood pressure.

Because it is from nature

Along with helping in a weight loss diet, don’t
forget the ultimate bonus when you enjoy crisp
veggies and succulent fruit: You’re getting
disease-fighting nutrition with all that taste, too.

It increase your health resistance

A great number of symptoms, conditions, and
diseases are actually advanced stages of food
sensitivities, almost like a allergy that has a
time-released reaction. Organic and natural
foods can fortify your body to fight desiseases.